There is a wide range of scholarships available to study in Italy and acquire the top-class educational services from the country’s institutions.


Full scholarships in Italy

This type of scholarship offers international students a full guarantee of paid tuition and accommodation fees by the institution. There is a possibility of the host institution to cater for your other expenses such as travel and medical costs. This varies from one scholarship to another depending on the type of scholarship and the institution’s terms and conditions. Individual institutions may offer full scholarships in Italy for the disposal of international students looking to study abroad.

Partial scholarships in Italy

This type of scholarship involves the intended institution catering for half your tuition/ accommodation fees while you handle the other half. It does not necessarily have to be half the amount as partial can also imply 75% or even 80%. This type of scholarship rarely caters to your medical and travel costs. Still, it also varies from one institution or scholarship to another.

Self-Funding study in Italy

Studying without scholarships can prove to be difficult as one has to pay for all your tuition fees and other expenses incurred. Most Italian universities, however, do not require tuition fees; thus, all you have to cater to are the accommodation expenses. This is due to the reason that many of the government-sponsored universities offer the free education strategy set by the government of Italy.

However, some universities require a tuition fee to be paid, but this varies from one college to another.

Average Tution Expense

For a self-sponsored student, an average of 2000 – 4000 EUR is the average tuition fee required for most normal universities in Italy. For the prestigious and top-class colleges, one would need around 5000 – 8000 EUR to get by for tuition expenses.

Average Accommodation Fee

To get by, around 900 – 1500 EUR may be needed for a liveable experience in accommodation fees for educational institutions. One should note that the price may vary depending on the institution. Rome tends to be more expensive as compared to other cities, and the accommodation fee for institutions situated there may reach heights of up to 1600 EUR.

Average Food  Expenses

For a typical student, their food costs can reach an average of 300 EUR if planned carefully. Unless you’re a big spender or a “foodie,” the amount should seem sufficient to get you through the month.

Average Transport Costs

Depending on the city you may be residing in or the institution of study, the average price for a bus or train ticket can be around 30 – 35 EUR.

Average Extra Expenses

This includes utility bills, mobile phone operating costs, academic requirements such as books, and something little to treat yourself on. The average may reach up to 300 EUR.

The Total Average Cost of Studying in Italy


Depending on the city you are living, and the location of the study, the total cost of studying in Italy varies around 5000 – 7000 EUR.